about nitte school of architecture bangalore
about nitte school of architecture bangalore
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Affiliated to: Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi | Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai
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Nodal Centre for CEGR Activity in Karnataka State
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advisor of nitte School of Architecture bangalore

Dr. N R Shetty,

Today, Architecture education is at crossroads. New technologies, changing micro and macro environments, working methods, materials and inquisitive experimental practices are leading to complexities in building projects. The continual increase in cost of Architectural construction and the land price has rekindled the need to relook into various digital and analog theories, technologies and practices on “value creation and value delivery”.

Architecture as a subject of study requires students and professionals to possess considerable exciting commitment. Even on graduation Architects are required to be life-long learners to keep pace with the changing needs of the clients and technological developments. The subject ‘Architecture’ requires architects and architectural students at once to be jack of all trades such as artists, technologists, urbanists, advocates, audience and spectators operating from a global vantage point in the current to project a future reality. At Nitte SOA architecture is taught from within this broad context.

The curriculum shall utilize the usage of digital tools, techniques and processes in design generation for improving productivity from design through construction. The current trends promotes opportunistic design environment that accepts the utilization of new tools that aid in expanding human creativity. We would like to see Nitte SOA as an architecture and design school that embraces all the technologies and creativity using talent and skill mapping processes and directing our students to area of where their emotional intelligence resides.

Though a start-up, our experienced ambitious faculty complemented with advanced infrastructure and facilities are equipped to provide our incoming students the best opportunities to participate in wide-ranges of design and other competitions in providing design solutions. Our faculty possesses vast experience and expertise in dealing with the students and in the subjects of studies. Many of them currently have undertaken multidisciplinary research, in applied design projects with students, and are in professional practice engaging architecture from the micro-scale to the urban and the regional, adopting diverse modes of inquiry and design. The scale and type of projects are various such as buildings, exhibitions, writing, and funded research. Faculty engages in exchange and peer development programs for knowledge sharing.

Our long term focus would be to engage our faculty and students into using advance sustainable and technological segments of building performance and building science, nano-technologies, robotics, and design computation often with tools for performance simulation, virtual construction, and direct-to-manufacture fabrication that are advancing to new design territories besides BIM and are adoptable to architectural profession. This new dimension shall signal a redefinition of architecture’s agency and a willingness to engage the real world. Guided by the expertise of our faculty, our students shall be directed through best routes to meet their ambitions and reach their highest potentials.   Through an intrinsic and extrinsic protorial process our faculty is committed to promote students’ individual goals through persuasive new directions that will enable our students and graduates to compete and incorporate the contemporary design and technology in both informed & imaginative ways. At Nitte SOA, our students and faculty further the perception of Architecture as human undertakings by amalgamating arts + sciences to humanize the spaces & environment though intensive study on